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Danger Mouse is a man by the name of Brian Burton (Pictured above, right of the Storm Trooper). He is a producer and multi-instrumentalist, whose work you have probably heard on a vast array of albums and collaborations since 2004. The name Danger Mouse came from an old British cartoon that he decided to dress up as for live shows, due to shyness. The first notable piece of work was his release of The Grey Album, which is a mix of a capellas from Jay-Z’s “Black Album” and samples from The Beatles “White Album.” Originally intended to just be shared between himself and his friends, it blew up all over the Internet and caught the attention of several artists. Damon Albarn, frontman of Gorillaz and Blur, recruited Danger Mouse to help produce Gorillaz’s sophomore effort, “Demon Days.” This opened several doors and he has since gone on to collaborate with MF Doom (DANGERDOOM), The Black Keys (Attack & Release, El Camino), Ike Turner, Beck (Modern Guilt), Norah Jones (Little Broken Hearts), U2, Portugal. The Man (Evil Friends), and Jack White. You might also recognize him from the bands Gnarls Barkley and the more recent Broken Bells. There is no predicting what he will do next, but I’m sure it will be definitely worth listening to. Many have considered him to be one of the best producers of the new millennium and he’s only been around for 10 years! Personally, I am very much looking forward to what his future collaborations and projects have in store for us.

After a 1975 car accident, Brian Eno was left bedridden for several months. Judy Nylon had turned on the stereo for him, but the volume was too low for him to really hear the music. Unable to move to turn up the volume, he began to realize the music could serve as a part of the atmosphere, blending with other sounds. This realization led to an obsession with ambience, resulting in a ten-volume series of experimental ambient music.