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Artist: Allah-Las
Song: Catamaran
Album: Allah-Las
Genre: Alternative




Artist: Pharrell Williams
Song: It Girl
Album: Girl
Genre: R&B/Pop

“Another thing you should’ve known from the start: The problems at hand are lighter than at heart.”

The White Stripes

Radiation - Stop Light Observations

Artist: Stop Light Observations
Album: Radiation
Song: Until the Sun Rises
Genre: Garage Rock/Alternative Rock


Artist: The Raveonettes
Album: In and Out of Control
Song: Heart of Stone
Genre: Alternative


Artist: Piers Faccini
Album: Two Grains of Sand
Song: A Storm is Going to Come
Genre: Folk


Artist: Black Lips
Album: Arabia Mountain
Song: Noc-a-homa
Genre: Garage Rock


Artist: The Morning After Girls
Album: Alone
Song: Alone
Genre: Alternative

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Give It Back!

Artist: The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Album: Give It Back!
Song: Sue
Genre: Psychedelic Rock