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The Vaccines - Come of Age

Artist: The Vaccines
Album: Come Of Age
Song: No Hope
Genre: Indie Rock

And The Kids

And The Kids are a trio of three singer-songwriters from Northampton, MA, Hannah Mohan, Rebecca Lasaponaro, and Megan Miller. Their music is an incredible blend of harmonization, electric ukulele, synth, glockenspiel, and an indie vocalization layered over a rock beat that will catch your attention immediately. They hope “to inspire the hearts of all living beings of light and laughter one stage or sidewalk at a time.”

Tuned In, Turned Up spoke with And The Kids about their unique style, the meaning behind their band name, and when we can expect to hear their new EP.

How would you describe your sound?

In the words of one of our fans, our sound is “So glitter. So popsicle. So crisis.” This is a play on our official Facebook genre, which is unconscious, accessible, existential, indie, folk, rock, glitter, popsicle, crisis. (Megan)

Is there any specific meaning behind the name, “And The Kids”?

We used to call one of our friends mama and she would pretend to be our mother and we were the kids. (Hannah)

How did you guys meet, and what made you decide to form a band?

Rebecca and I met in middle school and have always kind of been a band. We met Megan at the Institute for the Musical Arts (Goshen, MA) recording program and we knew right away that she should be in the band because she is so glitter, so popsicle, so crisis. (Hannah)

How has living together affected the growth of your music?

We’ve been living in extremely close quarters for the past year and we’re not sure how it’s affected the music, but it’s affected the business because we wake up and think about each other. (Hannah)

If you could each choose one artist or band (dead or alive) to see live, who would you choose?

Violent Femmes (Hannah), Wolf Parade (Megan), Led Zeppelin (Rebecca)

What are some goals the band has for the future, and when can we expect to hear new And The Kids music?

We are working on building a regional fan base by playing once a month in cities within 300 miles of Northampton. We’re also working on our next EP, which we hope to release in the fall. It’s a recording of all of the music we currently play, so if you have only heard our first EP, you can hear the new music this summer by seeing one of our shows! We are opening for Rubblebucket at the Green River festival kickoff party on July 19th at Shea Theater in Turners Falls, and we are headlining the Iron Horse on September 14th. (Megan)


Listen to and download the entire Nothing Came First EP:


Additional And The Kids music and information can be found at:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


Artist: The Shins
Album: Wincing the Night Away
Song: Sea Legs
Genre: Alternative

Grouplove - Spreading Rumours

Artist: Grouplove
Album: Spreading Rumours
Song: Ways to Go
Genre: Indie

The Neighbourhood - I Love You

Artist: The Neighbourhood
Album: I Love You.
Song: Sweater Weather
Genre: Indie Pop/Hip-Hop

Seabear - The Ghost that Carried Us Away

Artist: Seabear
Album: The Ghost that Carried Us Away
Song: Arms
Genre: Folk/Indie

Lost in the Trees - All Alone In An Empty House

Artist: Lost in the Trees
Album: All Alone in an Empty House
Song: Song for the Painter
Genre: Indie; Orchestral Folk-Pop

Blessed Feathers - Peaceful Beasts in an Ocean of Weeds

Artist: Blessed Feathers
Album: Peaceful Beasts in an Ocean of Weeds
Song: Stinging Nettle, Honeysuckle
Genre: Indie

Radical Face - Ghost

Artist: Radical Face
Album: Ghost
Song: Wrapped In Piano Strings
Genre: Indie-Rock

Taken By Trees - Other Worlds

Artist: Taken By Trees
Album: Other Worlds
Song: Dreams
Genre: Indie Pop; Electronica; Electronic Folk