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Cat Stevens – “The Wind”

Posted: June 7, 2014 by Tuned In, Turned Up in Quotes
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“I listen to my words, but they fall far below. I let my music take me where my heart wants to go.”

Cat Stevens

“Another thing you should’ve known from the start: The problems at hand are lighter than at heart.”

The White Stripes

Nicole Vaughn

Nicole Vaughn is a singer-songwriter from Southern California. Her rock-like intensity paired with her sincere, soulful lyrics have given folk music a whole new meaning. Nicole’s most recent album, “Say It” was produced by Kelly Winrich (Delta Spirit) and Todd Hannigan. The album received a Best Folk nomination from OC Music Awards. Nicole Vaughn spoke with Tuned In, Turned Up about her upcoming album, her favorite artists, and her goals for the future.

Who or what attracted you to songwriting and helped to influence your sound?

I originally started writing some pretty bad poetry around 11 and would try to write little melodies and songs too them. Eventually, at 13 I started to learn how to play the guitar and just put the three together. Although my influences have definitely changed, I loved Jewel when I was in middle school so I think that had a lot to do with it too. I loved her album “Spirit”.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome as an artist? 

Honestly, there are a lot of hard things that come with being an artist. In a way, I’m on working trying to desensitize myself to people’s praise or criticism. It can get dangerous if you listen to both of those too often. Just trying to do what I do and be confident in that.

If you could collaborate with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be?

Tough question here. I think I’d really like to collaborate with the band Vetiver. I just love the spirit of that band. Really groovy, mellow vibes that come in shades of serious songwriting as well as toe-tapping danceable songs. They’ve got a great balance. I’d love to write some tunes with them.

What are some of your favorite artists or bands at the moment?

Mason Jennings always. I love the new Emmylou Harris album “Hard Bargain”. The National, Vetiver, Tall Tales and the Silver Lining, Sharon Van Etten, Emiliana Torrini. Those are some artists that I’ve been listening to a lot of as of late.

If you could go back in time and attend one concert of any artist in history, which would you choose?

That list is endless! But…I would have loved to have seen Johnny Cash and June Carter sing together. It would have just been crazy to watch them up there and feel the energy that the crowd was feeling at the time.

What can we expect from your next album and when will we get to hear it?

It’s going to be quite different from “Say it”. It’s a two part album called “Songs for Leaving, Songs for Other Things” that I’m recording with my buddy Jon O’Brien. The first half will be more blue grass/folk based featuring my friends Moonsville Collective and the second will be more electric. We’re in the midst of recording right now so I’m hoping to have it out by late June.

Do you have a long-term goal for your music, or dream as an artist?

I’d really just love to be able to do it as a living. I’d love to tour, do festivals, play shows abroad, have a decently packed room each night, and put out albums every couple of years with songs that I believe in. I want to play with soulful, respected, and kind musicians. We’ll see what the future holds. No matter how it turns out I’ll be fine cuz’ I’ll never stop playing and creating.


Listen to the entire “Say It” album:


Nicole Vaughn’s album “Say It” can be purchased on CD Baby or iTunes.

Additional Nicole Vaughn music and information can be found at:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

R.L. Burnside

Artist: R.L. Burnside
Album: Come On In
Song: Let My Baby Ride
Genre: Blues Rock

Jethro Tull – “Thick As A Brick”

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“The sand-castle virtues are all swept away in the tidal destruction, the moral melee.”

Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)

“I’m wearing the cloak of misery, and I’ve tasted jilted love. And the frozen smile upon my face fits me like a glove.”

Bob Dylan

Fun Fact #14: Man On Fire

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If you’ve ever seen the album art for Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here, you’ve probably come to understand why the band is as well known for their album covers as they are for their music. The artwork portrays two men in business suits, one of them on fire, shaking hands. This image is meant to represent the fear of “getting burned”. Simple enough. So what’s so crazy about this album art? Well, that man on the cover you see on fire… he was LITERALLY on fire!

During the photo shoot for the album, two stunt men were dressed in business suits. One of them however, was wearing a fire-retardant suit underneath and a fireproof wig. The first time they tried to set him on fire for the handshake, the wind was blowing in the wrong direction, and his mustache was burned right off of his face. They then switched sides and were able to get the picture. After it was shot, they simply reversed the photo, putting the man on fire back on the right side.

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

“Some will rob you with a six-gun, and some with a fountain pen.”

Woody Guthrie

*Fun Fact: Bob Dylan references this quote in his song “Talkin’ New York” with the line “Now, a very great man once said that some people rob you with a fountain pen. It don’t take too long to find out just what he was talking about.”


Artist: Incubus
Song: Dig (Live)
Genre: Alternative

Fun Fact #13: “Lucille”

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B.B. King has been around a long time, a very long time. He is revered as the king of the blues by many and he tends to stick to the same guitar. That guitar is a Gibson ES-335, a beautiful piece of craftsmanship in my opinion. Like many other legends, he has named his beloved instrument.

The story behind “Lucille” starts back in 1949 at a small venue in Arkansas. It was one of his first shows and the place that he was playing at was heated by kerosene lamps. Pretty flammable stuff. An altercation between two men erupted and during the brawl they had knocked over one of the lamps and lit the whole place on fire. Everyone evacuated, but B.B. realized that he had left his $30 Gibson guitar inside the blaze. He charged back inside and returned with his guitar shortly after, triumphant. Later on he found out that this fight had started out like most fights, over a girl – a girl named Lucille. Thus he named his guitar and every single one after that, Lucille. It serves as a reminder to avoid foolishness, such as fighting over women…and running in to burning buildings.

Gotta love B.B.