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Siblings in the music industry have always been around. For instance: Eddie/Alex Van Halen, John/Tom Fogerty, Duane/Gregg Allman, and Angus/Malcolm Young. These family reunions had to be pretty epic, however, the family reunion I would buy a ticket for would be the one for the Macklovitch family.


Because Dave1 of Chromeo and DJ A-Trak would be there! These two brothers have made quite a name for themselves. Chromeo has seen great success over the past few years with their energetic live shows and irresistibly infectious groove. A-Trak has been a name on the lips of almost every well known hip-hop or electronic producer since he was a teenager. In 1997, won the DMC World DJ Championship at the age of 15. He is also the co-founder of Fool’s Gold Records as well as the duo “Duck Sauce,” which brought us last year’s favorite party song, “Barbara Streisand.”

These two might not be as famous as the names mentioned above, but there’s no doubt that they could walk into any room and everyone would have a great time.


We have all fallen on tough times, and sometimes we get 2nd jobs or scramble for any job we can get. To do that, sometimes you just have to throw dignity out the window. Rage Against the Machine guitar god, Tom Morello, is no stranger to that. After he had left his home near Chicago for LA, he discovered how tough it was to make it in the music business. Before he had found success with RATM, he did some odd jobs around town. One of which was being a male stripper. Yep, Tom Morello was once a male stripper. A guy has to eat I suppose. Personally, I am extremely thankful that he found Zac de la Rocha and the rest of the group.