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Milo Greene

Artist: Milo Greene
Album: Milo Greene
Song: Silent Way
Genre: Cinematic Pop

Of The Poet

Of the Poet is an Americana/Urban Country Trio based in Chicago, IL comprised of Jordyn Dickson (vocals), Kyle Goeken (vocals/guitar) and Dan Tallian (guitar/mandolin). Their debut EP, “Standby” released July 2, 2013. Of the Poet spoke with Tuned In, Turned Up about their new EP, musical influences, and their goals for the future.

How would you describe your sound?

K: Americana/Homegrown/Sing It To The Skies/Urban Country

This record is far from perfect, and I’m glad it came out that way. We recorded it in 2 days at Earth Analog studio right outside Champaign, IL with my cousin Kyle Prillaman who not only engineered and mixed the whole thing, but played drums on it for us as well. The whole experience was surreal and quick and dirty and I think we all thrived on that energy and I’m really proud of what we accomplished.

J: Couldn’t have said it better myself

D: Kyle’s got it. Thanks, Kyle.

Who are some of the artists or musicians that have inspired both your overall sound and each of you as songwriters?

K: Neil Young, John Mayer, The Black Keys, The Gaslight Anthem.. Dan introduced me to Butch Walker and I’ve been lost in his writing style ever since.. Bands like The Lone Bellow, Young the Giant, The Last Bison, and The Civil Wars have been on repeat lately..

J: I think we can all agree that The Lone Bellow has been a big inspiration for us. They’re a three piece with chilling harmonies and insanely poetic lyrics. We listen to them as a group to get inspired. I recently started writing. I’ve always had a great connection to Bob Dylan’s early folk stage writing style and experimented in that sort of “walking blues” format.

D: I’ve always been inspired by and loved the Blues. Whether it’s old electric Buddy Guy type blues, Chuck Berry type blues rock, or newer stuff like Alabama Shakes and The Black Keys, I can’t get enough of it. Angus Young, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jack White too.. But I also came from a punk rock background so I still love heavy, fast, simple chord progressions. More recently, though, I’ve had on The Lone Bellow, Young the Giant, Dustin Kensrue, Johnny Cash, The Lumineers…

What are you guys most excited about with the release of your first EP, “Standby”?

K: Knowing so many of our friends and family are in our corner and rooting us on is super humbling and we’re really excited about playing for them. The response we’ve gotten already from this record is incredible and it’s been really fun seeing so many different people coming together and supporting us.

J: I’m most excited about our friends and family being able to hear what we’ve been working on for six months now! We’re ready to get out there and start playing shows. I think we have such a great connection and energy when the three of us are together, live.

D: To get back on stage! Before Kyle and I met, we had been in various bands playing shows since High School and when we got together a few years ago we both agreed we missed performing live. Now that we’ve written a handful of songs we’re proud of, we can get back to it. That, and just finally being able to get some new music out into the world for people to hear.

How did the three of you meet and what made you decide to form a band?

K: I owe a lot of this to a friend of ours named Eric Farias aka “This Guy”. I transferred to Columbia College in 2009 and sat next to Eric in my intro to typography class. Turns out, the guy sitting next to him was Dan. We all got to talking, and Eric, pointing to Dan goes, “Hey! You play guitar? This guy (pointing to me) can sing! You guys should play music together.” 4 years and a Jordyn later, here we are 🙂

J: Dan and I work together. One day he popped his head into my cubical and said: “hey you play guitar, right? Do you sing?” After that, I went and jammed with the two of them. They taught me the songs they had been working on and it sort of became a routine for us. I honestly feel so lucky to have fallen into this. They’re both so talented- it’s really awesome when we all get in a room together and start collaborating.

D: Haha! Eric. Funny kid. Yeah, I think we just all have a passion for creating some beautiful music.

If you could each select one artist or musician to collaborate with (dead or alive), whom would you choose, and why?

K: I would love to work with Jack White.. He’s incredibly driven.. The man simply handles his business and pays no mind to anything else. He’s motivated by positivity and I admire that incredibly.

J: I think I’d have to say Neil Young. His music has so much depth and range. What an amazing experience that would be.

D: Butch Walker. He’s an unbelievably talented artist and producer …and I’m a sucker for a good hook. I’ve been into his music for years, but saw him live recently for the first time and it was one of the best shows i’ve seen to this day. I love his energy. And he just seems like a cool ass dude to hang out with.

Aside from music, what is each of your favorite pastime activities?

K: I’m a graphic designer by trade, but I’m a huge nerd for hockey and baseball. The Hawks and the St. Louis Cardinals, respectively.

J: Professionally, I am an interior designer and enjoy all forms of art. I also really love doing yoga.

D: I’m also a graphic designer and love what I do, but if I’m not working or playing music, I love throwing on a movie, getting comfortable in a big blanket and eating a big ass root beer float.

What are some goals you have for your music that you’d like to achieve over the next few years?

K: We’ve built up a homegrown base we’re extremely thankful for.. we’ve just got to keep at it, keep writing, keep building the momentum, and remaining focused on the music above all else.

J: My biggest goal for us right now is to get out there and perform live as much as possible. Further down the road I would love for us to be able to put out a full length album.

D: Over the next few years I just want us to keep playing and writing new music. Recording a full length eventually would be great but I want to let this thing grow and see what happens next!


Listen to the entire “Standby” EP:


Of the Poet’s EP, “Standby” can be downloaded on their website.

Additional Of the Poet music and information can be found at:

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Even the people that don’t like the Rock ‘N’ Roll music of the band AC/DC, recognize it when they hear it. They’re one of the classic Rock bands known to even the least educated of music fans. We know their music, we know their style, and we know the influence they’ve had over other rock ‘n’ roll bands. What most people don’t know however, is where they got their name.

AC/DC was an acronym written on the back of Angus and Malcolm Young’s sister’s sewing machine. The letters are an abbreviation for “alternating current/direct current”, which indicates that the machine was capable of using either type of power to operate. The band felt as though the name captured the essence of their “power-driven” performances, and so it stuck.


Grateful Dead – “St. Stephen”

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“Talk about your plenty, talk about your ills. One man gathers what another man spills.”

Grateful Dead

Pink Floyd – “Wish You Were Here”

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“We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl. Year after year, running over the same old ground. What have we found? The same old fears.”

Pink Floyd

The Who – “Behind Blue Eyes”

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“My dreams they aren’t as empty as my conscience seems to be.”

The Who - Who's Next

Margot & the Nuclear So and So's - Not Animal

Artist: Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s
Album: Not Animal
Song: Broadripple is Burning
Genre: Indie Rock; Folk Rock; Chamber Pop

When The Yardbirds split up, the band still had several tour dates in Scandinavia that they’d committed to, so Keith Relf and Chris Dreja allowed Jimmy Page to use the name “The New Yardbirds” in order to fulfill these commitments. Dreja then issued a cease and desist letter, so that after these tour dates were completed, Page would have to change the band’s name.

While out drinking with Keith Moon and John Entwistle from the band, The Who, Page made a comment about starting a band with the two of them. In response, Moon joked about that going down like a “lead zeppelin”. When Jimmy then formed his own band, he remembered this expression, and decided to use it as the band’s name. He got rid of the “a” so there would be no confusion over the pronunciation in America.

Led Zeppelin

Incubus – “Aqueous Transmission”

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“I’m in this boat alone, floating down a river named emotion”

Incubus - Morning View

Coconut Records - Nighttiming

Artist: Coconut Records
Album: Nighttiming
Song: West Coast
Genre: Indie Pop