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Artist: Zoë Keating
Album: Into the Trees
Song: The Path
Genre: Indie Classical


After a 1975 car accident, Brian Eno was left bedridden for several months. Judy Nylon had turned on the stereo for him, but the volume was too low for him to really hear the music. Unable to move to turn up the volume, he began to realize the music could serve as a part of the atmosphere, blending with other sounds. This realization led to an obsession with ambience, resulting in a ten-volume series of experimental ambient music.


Artist: Nick Waterhouse
Album: Time’s All Gone
Song: Say I Wanna Know
Genre: R&B


“Don’t try too hard to catch the winds, where they are going and where they have been. Don’t try to outrun what the winds are showin’, just gotta give in to where they are blowin'”