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RIP Lou Reed – a legendary musician whose music has had an impact on not only the people of our generation, but the progress of music as well. Whose lyrical honesty taught us to open our eyes and our ears to those around us. May your music live on forever.

Lou Reed



Artist: The Raveonettes
Album: In and Out of Control
Song: Heart of Stone
Genre: Alternative

HAIM - The Wire

Artist: HAIM
Album: Days Are Gone
Song: The Wire
Genre: Indie Rock

Audioslave - Out of Exile

Artist: Audioslave
Album: Out Of Exile
Song: Be Yourself
Genre: Rock


Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career

Artist: Camera Obscura
Album: My Maudlin Career
Song: French Navy
Genre: Indie Pop

State Radio - Simmer Kane EP

Artist: State Radio
Album: Simmer Kane – EP
Song: Keepsake
Genre: Indie Rock

The Vaccines - Come of Age

Artist: The Vaccines
Album: Come Of Age
Song: No Hope
Genre: Indie Rock


Artist: Black Lips
Album: Arabia Mountain
Song: Noc-a-homa
Genre: Garage Rock

Milo Greene

Artist: Milo Greene
Album: Milo Greene
Song: Silent Way
Genre: Cinematic Pop


Artist: The Morning After Girls
Album: Alone
Song: Alone
Genre: Alternative