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Josh Matthews - Co-Pariot

Think the styles of Leonard Cohen, Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa are gone forever? Think again! Their influence on artist Josh Matthews is evident, and if you like the above artists, you’re in for a real treat with this guy. Described as a cross between indie hip-hop and spoken commentary (think Gil Scott-Heron), this guy brings a unique style to the table all his own. Without further ado, here’s our music recommendation of the day… give Josh Matthews a listen here!

Bear's Den

Artist: Bear’s Den
Song: Pompeii
Genre: Indie Folk

Jake Bugg (Debut Album)

Artist: Jake Bugg
Song: Country Song
Album: Jake Bugg
Genre: Folk


The Currys - Follow

Check out this up-and-coming band, The Currys. Drawing comparisons to Andrew Bird, Iron & Wine, and Crosby Stills & Nash. Their melodic blend of folk and rock will have you addicted!

Artist: The Currys
Album: Follow
Genre: Melodic Folk-Rock

Amason - EP

Artist: Amason
Album: EP
Song: Went to War
Genre: Easy Listening; Indie

Nahko and Medicine for the People - Dark As Night

Artist: Nahko and Medicine for the People
Album: Dark As Night
Song: Manifesto II
Genre: “Acoustic Thump-Hop”


Artist: Piers Faccini
Album: Two Grains of Sand
Song: A Storm is Going to Come
Genre: Folk

Cary Brothers - Under Control

Artist: Cary Brothers
Album: Under Control
Song: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
Genre: Indie Rock

Tom Paxton - Ramblin' Boy

Artist: Tom Paxton
Album: Ramblin’ Boy
Song: The Last Thing On My Mind
Genre: Folk; Singer-Songwriter

State Radio - Simmer Kane EP

Artist: State Radio
Album: Simmer Kane – EP
Song: Keepsake
Genre: Indie Rock