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Chet Faker - Thinking in textures

Artist: Chet Faker
Song: I’m Into You
Album: Thinking In textures
Genre: Australian Electronica

King Charles - Love Blood

Artist: King Charles
Song: Love Lust
Album: Love Blood
Genre: Alternative; Folk-Pop

MØ - Say You'll Be There (Cover)

Artist: MØ (Originally performed by Spice Girls)
Song: Say You’ll Be There
Genre: Electro-Pop

Ships Have Sailed - Someday

Ships Have Sailed is an alternative-rock project from LA-based, Will Carpenter (guitarist of the Hip-Hop Rock band, 7Lions). This EP reflects on how the present is impacted by all other moments in time and will definitely leave you thinking about the different paths your life can follow based on the decisions you make. Deep, right? This EP will have your mind racing (in the best way possible). Give it a listen!

Josh Matthews - Co-Pariot

Think the styles of Leonard Cohen, Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa are gone forever? Think again! Their influence on artist Josh Matthews is evident, and if you like the above artists, you’re in for a real treat with this guy. Described as a cross between indie hip-hop and spoken commentary (think Gil Scott-Heron), this guy brings a unique style to the table all his own. Without further ado, here’s our music recommendation of the day… give Josh Matthews a listen here!

Bear's Den

Artist: Bear’s Den
Song: Pompeii
Genre: Indie Folk

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Automatic

Artist: The Jesus and Mary Chain
Song: Head On
Album: Automatic
Genre: Alternative Rock


Artist: Allah-Las
Song: Catamaran
Album: Allah-Las
Genre: Alternative




Eron Falbo

Brazilian born, London-based singer-songwriter, Eron Falbo’s debut album, 73, was produced by revered producer Bob Johnston; best known for his seminal work with Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash and Simon and Garfunkel. The influences of this album will hit you in the face in the best way possible – it gives it a sense of nostalgia that will have you completely entranced. I expect that we will see great things from Eron Falbo in the coming years!

Artist: Eron Falbo
Album: 73
Genre: Singer-Songwriter