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Jonathan Korszyk, aka Vienne, is a singer-songwriter from Southern California whose music has been featured on shows like Gossip Girl, Chuck, Hollywood Heights, and Teen Mom. Jonathan talked with Tuned In, Turned Up about the inspiration for his latest Memes project, his goals, and what collaborations he’d like to do in the future.

What are some things that inspire your songwriting?

I’m mostly inspired by real life experiences, both mine and of others. There’s just so much to the human story that it’s actually hard not to be inspired as a writer in all the crazy stuff that happens. Good, bad, ups, downs, love, hate, war, peace… Craziness

Is there something you’d like to accomplish in your songwriting career that you haven’t yet, and if so, what?

I’d love to write with/for Pop artists like Ellie Goulding, Frank Ocean, Chris Brown, Ke$ha, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, as different as they all are. Writing in the styles each of them have is fun and just as enjoyable to me as some of the more off-centre stuff that I have released on my own. I’d also love to write a masterpiece like Bohemian Rhapsody. That’s insanely good songwriting if you ask me.

What other artists or bands have made an impact on both you and your music?

I’ve been greatly impacted by Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, The Tallest Man on Earth. I also got to meet Leonard Cohen a few years back and it changed my life in many ways. We talked about love, poetry, faith and Los Angeles traffic. He is the kindest artist I’ve met and in our short time together was able to transfer such courage and curiosity to my soul.

My musical influences are also those artists and others like Damon Albarn, Phil Collins, The Beach Boys, David Gray, Jeff Buckley, Echo & The Bunnymen… It really is like a musical adventure every day.

What advice would you give to young artists looking to pursue a career as a musician?

Learn to do the things you hate to do, and ask for help as often as you can. And above any advice given, remember your passionate creativity is your center.

Which of your songs are you most proud of and why?

I’m proud of the song ‘She Breaks’, because of the intention I put into writing it and its positive effect on people. It has really connected to lot’s of listeners first through Teen Mom, and then with the music video being used by the ILO in the fight against human trafficking.

What was the inspiration for your recently released record, Memes 1, and how is the Memes project different from what you’ve done previously as an artist?

I got the concept from reading some Richard Dawkins. We are all Meme Machines. Whenever we copy habits, skills, stories or songs, these are memes and we humans copy them all the time.  Sometimes we imitate and vary what we copy by making errors or deliberate alterations. I’ve always had the desire to write and release music that is wide in genre and different from song to song given my broad musical influences. I’ve been fortunate to have the freedom to do so without being constrained by anyone else, so I figure why not take full advantage of that. I’m not re-inventing the wheel or anything, just doing what I love to do and being spontaneous with creativity.

Are there any collaborations you’d like to see happen for your next record or in the future?

I’d love to write with Matt Hales (Aqualung), Joel Pott (Athlete) or Gary Lightbody soon. I’d also love to work with Ron Sexsmith, Sara Bareilles, Tim Rice-Oxley, Alison Sudol, Dustin O’Halloran to name a few of my favorites.

“Feather” – Vienne

“Silent Unusual” – Vienne


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